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Treating Alcoholism

At Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arlington, we understand that treating any addiction can be complex and requires a well thought out treatment plan. We also understand that there's no one specific way to treat alcoholism. In our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, we utilize comprehensive treatment plans and implement the use of the most effective treatment approaches. Also, we combine both medication and behavioral treatment approaches to ensure success in each of our client's recovery at our Arlington drug and alcohol rehab facilities.

Treating Alcoholism with Medication

Medications are beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism because they can be used to ease withdrawal symptoms. Medications commonly used for alcohol abuse treatment include:

  • Disulfiram – this medication causes individuals to experience severe negative side effects when they have consumed alcohol
  • Acamprosate – this medication is used to help decrease cravings for alcohol, as well as to reduce symptoms of withdrawal
  • Naltrexone – this medication is used to help decrease any alcohol cravings and alcohol's pleasurable effects

Using medications in combination with behavioral treatment can help significantly boost the success of an individual's recovery.

Treating Alcoholism with Behavioral Approaches

Although medications can be beneficial in treating alcoholism, behavioral treatment in recovery is just as vital. Behavioral treatment approaches are important because they help individuals identify the stressors and factors at the root of their addiction. Behavioral therapies also help individuals with developing healthy coping skills and routines. Behavioral therapies typically used in treatment for alcoholism include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Contingency management
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, there are many signs and symptoms you can observe for. Common signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction include:

  • Loss of control over drug and/or alcohol use
  • Preoccupation with drug and/or alcohol
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when use of drug and/or alcohol has been significantly reduced or stopped abruptly
  • Experiencing health issues
  • Experiencing legal troubles
  • Experiencing troubles in relationships with friends and family
  • Abrupt changes in behavior and mood
  • Developed tolerance for drugs and/or alcohol, causing the need to use more to experience the same effects
  • Unsuccessful attempts to reduce or stop use of drugs ad/or alcohol

These are just some of the many signs which insinuate the presence of a drug and alcohol addiction. If you or your loved one have exhibited any of the signs listed above, there may be a presence of a substance use problem and we encourage you to seek help immediately.

Why Is It Important To Get Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a progressive disease which tends to worsen over time. Leaving a drug and/or alcohol use problem untreated can lead to experiencing a host of negative consequences. Although addiction cannot be cured, you can effectively treat and mange the disease. By making the choice to leave a substance use problem untreated, you are also making the choice to continuously put your life at risk.

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